Hair extensions Guide

Everyone wants hair extensions, but where do you get them? what hair should you go for, do i have to be rich to have them? With our guide some or all those questions will get answered

We all know hair extensions are around but do you know the ins and outs?

1. Prices of extensions

Prices can vary a lot with extensions Starting at £20 for some clip ins up to £1600 for some overpriced high street salons. A good set of bonded extensions should cost between £250 and £550 hair quality depending. with the cheaper hair lasting upto 10 weeks and more expensive hair that can last upto 1 year. If you do pay the extra it means next time you have hair fitted the same hair can be used.

2. One off hair or longer lasting

Decide how long you need them for. Is it for a date or a wedding or do you want long hair for the whole of summer? Whatever you need them for will dictate what type and/or fitment style you should choose. Bonded or weaved hair lasts the longest but aren’t for everyone, they are uncomfortable, itchy and heavy. so if its just a one off then go for some clips ins, cheap as chips and you can put them in yourself, and it doesn’t matter if you buy cheap because they all look great for the first week anyway.

2. Synthetic or human hair

For me personally this obvious,  synthetic hair might be slightlu cheaper but you get waht you pay for, “synthetic” And because i fit hair for a living and this is my site and my article there won’t be any more talk of Syn*****ic hair.

3. Bonded or weave

Purely preference, they are both discreet with hair down and both around the same price.


  • Small bonds
  • Hair can be tied up
  • Hair can be styled easier


  • Slightly cheaper
  • Can be really uncomfortable
  • Suits all hair types

4. How to choose an extensionist

  • Reviews, reviews reviews
  • Choose someone who looks like they invest in them selves(nice business cards, good website etc)
  • Word of mouth, can’t beat it
  • Salons DOES  NOT mean better hair or better fitment (a lot of the time salons use poor quality hair)




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