All hair Grade excellent quality 100% human remy hair. (For different lengths please enquire at consultation)

Fusion Bonded

Hair is cut from a weft and Keratin glue applied to fuse together with your natural hair.

(Grade AAAA*) A premium range of Remy hair sourced and selected from across eastern Russia and Mongolia. Naturally silky and soft in texture this type of hair goes through very little processing to preserve the quality of the extensions, all hair is also double drawn so remains the same thickness from tip to root.

  • Full head 16″ £350
  • Half head 16″ £280
  • Full Head 18″ £370
  • Half Head 18″ £320

(Grade AAA*)

Premium Remy hair double drawn cuticle correct to the point,luxury hand selected hair and our most popular hair type.

  • Full Head 18″ £325
  • Half head 18″ £250

(Grade AAA) This Remy hair is produced using the finest Asian 100% human hair, the hair is cuticle correct from root to tip and has minmal processing leaving the cuticle in tact.

  • Full head 18″ £260.00
  • Half head head 18″ £200.


Pre Bonded Extensions 100% human hair

Pre bonded hair extensions offer virtualy no shedding compared to fusion bonding.

(Grade AAAA* remy) Double drawn cuticle correct

  • Full head 18″ £380.00
  • Half head head 18″ £300.

(Grade AAA remy)

  • Full head 18″ £320.00
  • Half head head 18″ £260.


Micro Ring Extensions 100% human hair

Providing small discreet bonds, without the use of glue or heat during application, and no chemicals during removal.

(Grade AAA remy)

  • Full head 18″ £330.00
  • Half head head 18″ £230.00

Pre Taped Weft

  • 100% remy hair Grade AAA – 18 inch full head £150.00
  • 100% remy hair european grade AAAA* – 18 inch full head £200.00

Bohyme Remi hair

They are 100% human hair extensions made from exceptional quality selected strands ensuring all cuticles are facing the same direction eliminating tangles for a long lasting finish, Bohyme hair undergoes exclusive processing methods with strict quality control to ensure hair is of the highest of standards.

  • Any fitment method £460

Other Services

    • Removal of full head of extensions (micro rings) – £80
    • Removal of full head of extensions (bonded) – £100
    • Maintenance Check – £80  (for micro rings) and pre bonded extensions) (bonds check)
    • Fitment of own hair – £160 plus and parking charges(city centre)


Just so you can plan your time accordingly these are the approximate times for a specific service

  • A full head takes approximately 3 – 4 hours
  • Removal of hair extensions takes around 1 – 2 hours
  • Maintenance checks last for around 1 hour